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Try reading some of my stuff, and when you see a picture connected to it you might understand it better!


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Heart of Russia 7
Russia sighed as he stood to address his boss, suddenly very worried. And for good reason.
"Why are we changing capitals?"
"This city no longer suits the needs of the Motherland." His boss turned to him. "So we are moving."
"But..." Russia looked out the window. "Moscow needs me..."
"I'm sorry Russia but you know the rules."
"Da..." He looked sad. "I... guess I'll go pack..."
Moscow felt herself tear up as Russia walked out into the hallway, and looked down so he wouldn't see her cry. But he knew, he could tell by the way she wrung her hands together. So he did the only think he could think of: he pulled off his jacket and wrapped it around her shoulders. She looked up at him in surprise, and immediately saw the sadness in his purple gaze. He gently cupped her cheek, his other hand brushing her hair away from her face.
"Do not cry Catherine, I'll come back to you." He felt anger swell for a moment, but pushed it down. "Boss might not see it, but this city is the only one fit to be my c
:iconrussian-eagle:Russian-Eagle 2 1
Heart of Russia 6
Catherine smiled as she walked through the Kremlin's gates with Russia at her side. She looked up at him for a moment before skipping ahead to get to work. He chuckled and followed after her, happy that she suddenly had so much energy in her. He followed her toward their work area, more than a little surprised by her behavior, but he wasn't going to say anything.  Catherine looked back at him with a childish look on her face.
"Ivan look who's here!"
The man looked around her, grimacing when he saw a familiar man standing there, waiting impatiently. It was someone very familiar to the both of them, their son Siberia. He had been born to Catherine during the reign of one of their first Tsars, but hadn't been recognized as the region for another few years. After his... temperament kicked in. Siberia hadn't lived with his mother since he had hit puberty, since his wild and uncontrollable nature had come to surface. He was truly the Siberian region, inheriting Russia's looks and childi
:iconrussian-eagle:Russian-Eagle 2 1
Love is love
Love is love
I don't get it,
why do people hate it when two males kiss in public.
Don't they know,
love is love?
That book you use for your life,
it's full of hate.
:iconstationaperture:StationAperture 9 34
In the dark Base by Misa-pixels In the dark Base :iconmisa-pixels:Misa-pixels 1,020 47 Base 4 : Twin Shotgun by seengot Base 4 : Twin Shotgun :iconseengot:seengot 718 107
Country X Reader~ B.T.T X Reader~~ Stereotypes
Bad Touch Trio X Reader~~ Stereotypes  Songfic
Ok this is my first time writing on DeviantART so no hate comments ^_^
Oh and this wasn't made to offend anyone.... Please don't hate me
You know, I always thought stereotypes were kinda
So I wrote a song about it,
and it goes a little something like this

Sitting alone on on your couch watching TV waiting for the day to pass by you heard someone knock on your door. You felt your couch get a thousand times comfier. The person kept knocking until you heard a loud *crash*
"What the hell was that..." Your voice trailed off as you got up to inspect the noise
"(NAME)!! Why don't you answer zhe door when zhe awesome me iz knocking?!"
"Yeah, (Name) Don't you still like us?"
It was the Bad Touch Trio- Or at least two of them. You weren't entirely sure since a particular French hadn't said anyting.
"What'd you guys want?"
"We want you mon
:iconbeatleluv:Beatleluv 165 64
Heart of Russia 3
Ivan smiled and peeked at Catherine over the stack of papers seperating them. She dozed peacefully in the little chair she had pulled up to the side of his desk, resting her head on a stack of papers he had already signed while her face was buried in the gloves he gave her. He smiled and reached over to pat her head, chuckling when she gave a little snort and buried her face deeper in the gloves. The man brushed her bangs from her face before going back to work. Their boss walked in a moment later and made his way over.
"The work?"
Ivan motioned to his friend. "Being used as a pillow."
"Ah, bring it to me when she wakes then."
"Of course," he watched him leave before looking back at his friend. "Moskva wake up, you're sleeping on the boss's papers."
"Nyet..." she cracked open an eye, making him laugh. Catherine stuck her tongue out at him before sitting up. She yawned as she stretched, popping her back as she straightened. Ivan smiled and got up to make her a cup of coffee. "I see you
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Okay guys, so as you may have noticed most of my watcher alerts have been status updates about stories recently. Well, this account will now solely be for my fandom work, i.e., fanfiction updates, fanart, etc. If you want to see my non-fandom work, please go watch my work account JRWStudios where you will find non-fandom stuff such as "Autumn Breeze", "Muted by Cold", and my other works of that nature.
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Any Hetalia type story.  Can be x oc or x reader. If it is an x oc, I need specific details about them.


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