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*sigh* Any one think they could give me drawing lessons? JK jk!.... No really I could use some help



Tifa groaned as she fell to the ground, looking around at her friends as they fell before the evil God before them. The man laughed maniacally, watching his son attack the group. The earth serpent Jormund hissed, crushing them among his giant coils. His sister, Hel, didn't seem nearly as excited as she commanded her undead army, occasionally looking at her father as the skeletons rushed into Edge. Barret groaned, trying to aim at the green cloaked man shooting some kind of magic beams at them.

"Bow before your king mortals!"

Yuffie gave a joyful shout as lightning flashed, striking the ground in front of them. Cloud leapt from the rising smoke, his armor glinting in the light as he summoned his sword to his hand. Lightning and Vincent followed suite, their own weapons drawn. The last thing Tifa saw before she fell unconscious was Cloud, slicing through the snake's mid section to free them.


Cid cussed, glaring at the blonde, but readying his weapon as he noticed the snake seeming to begin healing itself.. “Yer late!”

“Hey I’m here aren’t I?” he turned to look over at Loki, narrowing his eyes. "Hey Light, I have an idea, but it might be a little dangerous.”

Lightning looked at him curious. “I’m listening.”

“Ragnarok ring any bells?”

“You mean, use Odin and Fenrir together?”

“Yup.” he smirked, “And hope they don’t fight each other.”

“And how exactly do you plan on getting this set up?”

“Leave that to me. You worry about Jormund.” the blonde looked over at Vincent, giving him a nod before walking forward. Loki paused to look at the newcomer, glaring despite the wicked smirk on his lips.

“Well, if it isn’t the wolf-rider? Tell me, has my son sent you to try and stop me?”

“I understand why he has, now that I see how wicked you are?”

Hel looked at her father, then at Cloud. “Fenrir?” despite her grotesque appearance, her voice was actually quite beautiful. “My brother? He has sided with you?”

“Yeah,” he heard Lightning shout, and Jormund hiss as he was finally able to straighten himself out again. “He doesn’t want to just be a weapon for this guy.”

“But he isss sssupposssed to be the one fated to desssstroy the Godssss.” Jormund slithered forward, leaving Cloud’s friends behind in confusion. “Father sssaid he would alwaysss ssside with usss!”

“Well Loki lied.” Cloud smirked as the God was clearly put on edge. “Fenrir doesn’t want anything to do with your plans Loki!”

The God growled. “Lies! This blonde MORTAL has no idea of what he speaks!”

“Fenrir sent me to stop you!”

“Your brother is confused, children, because of what Odin did to him! He has been brainwashed by the All-Father! When I become King, I can free his mind.”

“No, you’ll turn him, your own SON, into a weapon to destroy everything!”

Loki glared down at the blonde, aiming his now brightly glowing scepter at him. “Now, dear Cloud, who would believe a man that would turn his back on his friends so many times? Giving the Black Materia to Sephiroth, allowing him to kill Aerith, becoming the very reason your best friend Zack died, and then stealing away his true love?! Brainwashing YOURSELF into believing his life, was YOURS? My children, does that sound like a man you should trust?”

“I know I have sinned, left a wake of blood and tears behind me, but now, Loki,” Cloud returned the glare with a fiercer one of his own, as his eyes turned a ghostly yellow. “I am fighting to save the Planet, and all of my friends!”
Sorry guys, looks like my recent upload  from the "Trying" Series has been removed from dA because of "bodily fluids". So, I'm going to have to edit it and re-submit. Sorry, once again to all the Greece friends who wanted to read it.
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Husband! Hong Kong x Wife! Reader LEMON: Trying

Kauro shook his head as he pushed open the door to his home, glancing around before he stepped in. Expecting his wife of five years to approach him at any moment he was surprised to find the cute little panda plushie he had given her earlier in the day (a really big one that came with her favorite flowers) waiting for him with a note instead. He glanced over it for a brief moment before starting for their bedroom, opening the door only a crack so that he could peek in. He found his wife sitting on their bed, cute black ears peeking out of her ______ hair as she got to her feet. A white fur bikini barely hid her body, and the black gloves and boots didn't do much either. Stiffening slightly, her husband realized that the note he had just read contained a very critical clue that he had completely ignored.

{Dearest Kauro, on tonight of our fifth annaversary I hope to find myself in your arms once more, being cuddled like those dear pandas we both find so adorable.}

Kauro narrowed his eyes, glancing over her once more before he opened the door, catching her off guard as he grabbed her from behind. The woman gasped, letting him push her down onto their bed.

"Kauro! You scared me!"

The man sighed slightly, looking down at her. "________," he murmured. "What's this about? And don't just say our "annaversary" because I already know that's a cover."

She blushed, giving him an innocent smile. "I, uhm... Want to start a family... So I decided to surprise you with this, hoping you'd agree...?"

"Hmph," he gave her small smirk, one that sent shivers through her. "You could have just asked you know."

Her blush intensified, making her look even cuter than she had before. Her dear husband leaned down to give her a kiss, gently grabbing her waist when she gave a happy sigh. The man carefully removed his shirt, tossing it aside (and unknowingly ringing the clothes basket) before he trailed kisses down her neck. His fingers teased her bare sides, making her shiver before her hands could begin to remove his pants. He chuckled slightly, making her pause.


"No foreplay for once? How long have you been thinking about this?"

"All da~y..." she giggled, looking away. "I couldn't help it..."

"I see... Well then." he snuck a hand around her back to untie the tiny straps keeping the white top on her body. "I guess I better do something about your impatience."

"Please do~" the woman let him pull the top away, successfully getting him out of his pants not long after. Of course, that only led to him getting the bottoms off of her... Not that she really minded. His briefs were gone soon enough, giving her a chance to reach down and gently grasp it. WIth a few swift pumps he was soon just as ready as she, and he grabbed her shoulders to hold her down as he carefully entered her. His wife murmured, wrapping her arms around him as his hands moved to her hips. The man nuzzled at her neck as he gave her a momen, waiting for her little signal before he started to move. So when she gently ground her hips against his, she had no chance to recover from the gentle pleasure before he went straight into a quick, deep pace. The woman gasped, letting go of him to collapse to the bed in surprised bliss. She gripped the sheets, feeling her walls tighten and clench around him. Kauro had to hold in his own moans, letting a soft sigh part his lips momentarily before his hands began to roam her body, sending her little thrills of pleasure. But she wasn't the only one who would be surprised that night.

Kauro gasped, going wide-eyed when she turned the tables on him, wrapping her legs around his hips and beginning to move her hips with his. The new motion finally made a moan rip out of her silent lover's throat, making the woman smile and bring him down into another kiss. Their tongues played together as they both began to reach the edge, however the woman was shocked to suddenly have Kauro break away and moan out her name.

"________~!" Now that was just too much.

"K-Kauro!" she mewled, gripping tight to him as her climax washed over her, making her twitch and spazz in his arms as he reached his own end, filling her with his seed before he lay her down. Doing his best to pull out without letting go of her, Kauro let his lover pull the blankets around them, sighing before he buried his face in her hair. She giggled, hugging him close.

"Happy annaversary honey... Love you."

"Love you too... cute little panda."

"You know, I actually forgot I still had the ears on until you said that."

"Keep them."

"Uhm... Kauro?"


"Uh... here..."

"What is--.....!!!!!!!"

Husband! Hong Kong x Wife! Reader LEMON: Trying
Wow... Considering this is like my Netherlands one (in being that it's my first story about Hong Kong AND it's a lemon about him) I think it turned out pretty well. So, uh, sorry if his personality is a little... OOC... Uh... I did work hard on it though! I do think I made him talk too much though...

Hong Kong belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
You belong to :iconsexyhongkongplz:

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(Contains: sexual themes)
Husband! Estonia x Wife! Reader: Trying

Eduard rubbed his neck as he walked into his home, looking around as some of his mochi greeted him. He smiled slightly, but that smile brightened when soft footsteps approached. The second his wife approached him, hands behind her back and a smile on her face, he felt his spirits lift.

"There you are ________."

"Hi honey!" she skipped over, planting a kiss on his cheek. "How was your day?"

"It was fine." he returned the favor, kissing her forehead. "I only had a little paperwork left."

"Good, then maybe you can get some time off soon!" she pouted, crossing her arms under her chest. "I hate being at home ALONE all day. Even with the mochi it's way too quiet. And France mochi kinda worries me..."

Eduard chuckled, knowing how the French mochi was about women. "I'm sure it'll be alright."

"You always say that! But I found him in my underwear drawer this morning and if I find him in there again I will find a way to get rid of him." she pouted, giving him a cute glare that he only met by tussling her hair.

"Hey calm down."

She stuck her tongue out at him, making him laugh. So she couldn't help but smile, wrapping her arms around him. "Hey Eduard...?"


"Do you think it'd be alright if we were to have a child? I mean, they'd have the mochi to play with and you could be home more..." she bit her lip, resting her head against his shoulder. "And it wouldn't be so lonely around here when you are at work..."

He pulled back, holding her shoulders as he gave her a look that wasn't full of shock as she had expected, but full of warmth. "Alright."

She had to blink. "Huh?"

"Let's start a family." He smiled, brushing her hair from her face. "I think having a couple of kids running around here sounds good."

"Why don't we start with just one...?" she smiled slightly, putting a hand on his arm. "It might work out better that way."

Eduard laughed quietly, wrapping his arms around her waist to pull her into a kiss. "Than why don't we get started?"

She couldn't help but blush, letting him deepen the kiss and make her let out a soft moan. But he couldn't say that he didn't react the same way when her hand dipped down to rub against his clothed member. So he broke off, chuckled before kissing her forehead and scooping her up in his arms.

"Hey, take it easy there dear."

"But Eduard~"

He smiled, trapping her in a kiss as she was whisked away to their bedroom. Of course she had no objections, busying herself with his tongue as he carried her to bed, laying her down before making sure France mochi wasn't in the room. Once the door was shut and the pervert mochi had no chance of getting in, the Estonian pounced on his dear wife, covering her with kisses as he removed her clothes. They were quickly discarded, his own clothes following soon after. He chuckled when he looked up at her face, only to see her cheeks covered by a light blush, her eyes darting across him. He let her pull his glasses from his face, reaching over to drop them on the nightstand. The woman giggled when he planted kisses across her body, letting her hands roam whatever part of him she could reach, until he finally had enough of it and pulled her legs around his waist.

Eduard smiled when she whined, waiting for him to enter her. And when he did, she let out such a cute little gasp he couldn't help but lean over and kiss her cheek.

"I almost forgot how cute you are~"

"E-Eduard!" she blushed, turning to hide her face in her hair. But he wasn't having any of that, giving a buck to make her gasp and cling to him. Her blush only intensified from embarrassment, and she hid her face in his neck. The man chuckled, running his hands down her sides and making her shiver. The woman held tight to him as he started to move, and he couldn't help but let out a moan of his own as he felt her already tightening around him.

"_-_______, you're already-"

"I can't help it~" she moaned, wrapping her arms around him. "I-it's just-"

She cut off with another little moan as he gripped her hips, pushing himself deeper inside her. The woman had no chance to recover either, as his pace increased and left her releasing moan after moan. She was completely out of her mind from the bliss by the time she felt him start to get sloppy, locking up and gripping ehr tighter. She ground her hips into his as he came, emptying his load deep inside her before her own climax hit and made her clench up and twitch around him.

She sighed blissfully as he pulled out, leaving her to smile as he lay beside her. He pressed a gentle kiss to her forehead as he pulled ehr close, wrapping a blanket around them.

"You feel okay hon?"

"Just... perfect."



"Oh... crap..."
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: sexual themes)
Husband! Denmark x Wife! Reader: Trying

Matthias grinned to himself as he pranced through his front door, dumping his stuff by the door before he ran off to find his dear wife. And find her he did, enjoying a can of her favorite drink as she watched TV in their room. She smiled to him as he walked in, and giggled when he flopped down beside her on the bed, ditching his shirt and tie before scooting up close to her.

"Hey there gorgeous~! Ya miss me?"

She laughed, her _____ eyes shining. "Of course I did!"

"Good, because I missed you too!" he grinned brightly, kissing her cheek. However he became clearly confused when she pulled away, her eyes looking everywhere but at him. "________? What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong Matt..."

"Hey babe, no." he gently wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close. "There is something wrong, and I want to know what it is. You know you can tell me anything..."

The woman sighed, giving a slight nod before she looked up at him. "I want a baby."

Matthias had to blink a couple of times, not prepared for that answer. "Eh?"

"I. Want. A. Baby." she looked away again. "I-I mean, c-c-can we have a--"

Her husband cut her off with a gentle kiss, smiling as his lips touched hers. "Ja!"

"Eh?" now it was her turn to be surprised, not expecting him to be so willing. "A-Are you sure?"

"Well ja, of course. I wouldn't agree if I wasn't." he chuckled, gently rubbing her shoulders. "I think we're more than ready for it."

She giggled, blushing lightly. "Ja."

His smile turned into a smirk, sending a shiver down her spine. "You know what that means ________? That means the King gets to have a little 'fun' with his Queen~"

The woman returned his smirk, making his turn more wicked. "Oh ja, I definitely realize that."

Matthias grinned before he kissed her, pulling her against him so he could start working on getting that tiny silk night gown off of her. It was removed easily enough without a need to break the kiss, and her husband was all too happy to toss it else where before his hands returned to rid her of her underwear. All the while she was struggling to get his pants unbuttoned, and finally pulled back with a huff so she could focus on the task at hand. He couldn't help but chuckle when she gave a joyous grin, successfully getting the stubborn zipper to do what she wanted. With her bra all but falling off of her she finally got him out of his pants, tossing the infernal contraption that bound her chest aside before forcing him out of his boxers. Matthias laughed at her, making her blush.

"Ah, so my Queen is that eager, hm~?"

"Oh hush!" she scowled, making him choke on his laughter when she unexpectedly grabbed his length. His head fell back, and he quickly became putty in her hands as she teased the shaft with her fingers. "You are just as eager as me, now aren't you?"

The only reply she got out of him was a moan, her thumb ghosting over the slit before he had even the slightest chance to regain even a tiny bit of his composure. Not that it mattered. While he was busy being pleasured by his wife's more than capable hands, he didn't notice one pulling her panties off, tossing them aside like everything else. However his head shot up when he felt her suddenly straddling him, right before she lowered herself on his thick length. He chuckled when HER head rolled back, cheeks turning red, and a moan parting her lips as she settled on his lap. Her hands pressed against his toned, scarred chest as she looked down at him through half-parted eyes. He smirked, reaching over to place a hand on her trembling hip.

"Mmm~ ________, this is nice~"

The woman blushed, breaking her gaze from his. "S-shut up..."

"Nej," his other hand reached her hip, his thumbs tracing soothing circles on the soft skin. "I could look at you like this all day. God, you're beautiful, didja know that?"

She moaned once more as he ground his hips against her, sending pleasure through both of them before his hand started to guide her hips. "M-Matt..."

"Nej." he smiled, leaning up to kiss her neck. "Don't say a word."

The woman let out another moan as he gently bucked, turning to making him moan when she gave a bounce in retaliation. She let him help her to ride him, digging her nails into his skin from the pleasure as they found a nice pace. Matthias grinned as he looked up at her face, her lips parted by gasps and moans of bliss and her gorgeous _____ eyes half closed as she arched her back. The man smiled kindly, running his hands across her waist and hips and doing everything he could to push her to the edge. And when he felt her legs start to go limb beside him, he knew she was there. Matthias gave one, hard thrust up into her, making her eyes go wide and her lips part in a silent gasp, her climax hitting hard even before his own hit. The woman moaned once more, using her hands to hold herself as she fell forward, looking down at their connected bodies to see his hot seed spilling out of her. Her husband chuckled quietly, a blush on his cheeks, before he eased her off of him and to the bed beside him. She snuggled up to his side, giggling.


"Jeg elsker dig."

"I know~"


Sorry guys, looks like my recent upload  from the "Trying" Series has been removed from dA because of "bodily fluids". So, I'm going to have to edit it and re-submit. Sorry, once again to all the Greece friends who wanted to read it.
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