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Husband! Italy x Wife! Reader LEMON: Trying

Feli smiled and sang happily as he skipped through the front door of his home, heading directly to the kitchen to find his wife. And find her he did, prancing around the kitchen as she tried to finish making dinner. Prancing: because she heard him come in and was showing off her new little yellow sundress that happened to be just a tad bit too short. Feli tilted his head as he watched her finally start plating the food, turning to him with a bright smile and big plate of pasta. But his gaze was a little too busy looking at the low neck-line of her dress.

"Welcome home Feli~! I hope work went well!" she giggled, setting the plate in front of him before she poured him a glass of wine. "Anything interesting happen?"

"No, no bella. It was pretty boring as usual." he sat down, but she had already noticed the change. He had gone quiet, tense, and his eyes were open, continuously darting over to her. "Is that a new dress? It's very pretty on you ________."

"Oh you like it? It's just something I saw on the way home from the market." she giggled again, kissing his cheek. "Go ahead and finish dinner while I go get cleaned up from making it."

"Si bella." he watched her skip off before returning his attention back to his food. However, upon noticing something strange under the food, he cleared it off onto another plate. What he found written on the plate left him dumb-struck for only a moment before he tore off after his wife. She yelped in shock when he threw open the door to their bathroom, splashing herself with water where she was trying to wash flour from her hands.

"F-Feli?! You nearly gave me a-"

"You want a babino?!"

She paused, then smiled gently, cutting off the water. "Si."

He couldn't have stopped his smile if he tried. Feli ran over to her and scooped her up, making her laugh as he covered her face in kisses. But then his mood changed, and she had to stiffle a gasp.



"Penso che potrei concedere il tuo desiderio adesso~" he kissed her straight on, getting access almost immediately as she gasped. The woman had no choice but to hold onto him as she was carried to their room, being set on her feet just in front of the bed. Feli didn't break the kiss as he reach around to untie the string holding the top of her dress up, and she couldn't help but shiver when he unzipped the back to let it fall off of her. However, it seemed he was the one caught off guard when he pulled back, and saw what was waiting for him.

"_-_______!" he stared wide-eyed at the pasta she had so happily crafted into a loose covering just before he arrived home. "T-that-"

She smirked, putting her hands on her hips. "Something wrong, caro?"

"Si!" he kneeled in front of her. "You have too much free-time on your hands!"

"No, I don't..." she pouted, but let out a soft moan when he grabbed her hips and started to eat the pasta off of her. Feli chuckled quietly as he pulled away, having cleared the pasta away from her hips down.

"Naughty bella. Pasta is for eating!"

"Well you are eating it, aren't you?" She shivered as he licked her thigh. "And enjoying doing so."

"Oh, of course I' enjoying it." He made her yelp quietly when his fingers suddenly found their way into her womanhood. "And you are too, si?"

"Si~!" She didn't even attempt to hide her moans as he teased her, scissoring and curling his long fingers in her core until she was soaked. And once that mission was accomplished, she found herself tossed down on the bed moments before a now undressed Italian pounced on her, pinning her down by her shoulders as he began to eat the pasta off her breasts. Feli glanced up at her flushed face as he continued his task, using the distraction to his advantage.

At least until she reached down to grasp his member, stroking it softly in her hand. He groaned softly and buried his face in her neck. The woman turned to kiss his head, and managed to grasp his curl with her lips. She felt his member harden and twitch in her hand as she teased his curl. Finally he jerked away, planting his lips on hers as he pulled her legs around him to sink his length into her.

"Ah~ Feli~!" She fell away, and his lips moved down her jaw. The Italian smirked as he felt her shake underneath him before he began to move. His wife moaned louder than ever as he thrust into her, varying from fast and short to slow and deep every few seconds.

"_-_______," he panted into her ear, making her shudder. "Is this what you wanted?"

"Oh, s~i!" She had no control over her voice, or even her body anymore. The knot she felt growing in her stomach was beginning to untie, and her grip on her husband was telling him so. The man held on to her hips as he pounded her, until he felt his own end hit. He filled her up just a second before she went limp under him, spazzing in the wake of her own orgasm.  Feli chuckled quietly, pulling out before he laid next to her. The woman smiled, but then flushed.

"Uh, Feli?"


"You forgot some pasta..."

"Well I guess I should get that."

"Waah! Don't be angry, don't be angry!!!"
Husband! Italy x Wife! Reader LEMON: Trying

Himaruya-san owns Italy, Italy owns you.…
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
Husband! Greece x Wife! Reader LEMON: Trying

Heracles yawned ashe slowly passed through the cat horde blocking the path to his front door. He didn't know why theywere there: it wasn't any where near feeding time. So he just picked his way through until he was finally in his home and able to kick off his shoes. He passed by the laundry room to abandon his work clothes before heading off in search of his wife. The goddess -ahem- woman was found quickly; discovered, in part, bythe open sliding glass door leading to their patio. He found her stretched out on a lounge chair in nothing but a pair of stringy bikini bottoms, laying on her stomach with the sun beaking down on her back.

The man let a small smile surface as he walked over, spotting one ofhis T-shirtsabandoned near-bybefore he sat beside her. The woman sighed happily when his hands found their way to her back, opening her eyes just enough to dart over his toned chest before he could move to start massaging her back.


"Yes kitten?" he leaneddown to kiss her shoulder.

"Welcome home." she smiled, letting his hands slide down her sidesbefore she sat up. Hisgaze darted over her as she turned to him, giving a lazy smile.

"Pass me your shirt?"

"Do I ha~ve to?" he gave a pout, but still handed her the white fabric. "Can't you NOT wear it~?"

"Now, now Heracles, I know you like them but really," she giggled, pulling on the shirt that barely did anything to hide her breasts. "The time for enjoyment is not now."

"Why not?" he got up as she did, grabbing her by the waist. "I LIKEto enjoy you after a long day's work. You're so beautiful... it puts me at ease."

"Well," she paused. "I have a lot on mymind right now."

"I can take your mind offof it." he kissedher cheek, then down her neck, hishands playing with her little bottoms. "Please, ________?"

"Heracles...!" she sighed, andleanedback into his chest. "Fine, but...!"


"Only if... if..." she blushed, making him chuckle for a moment.

"Ifwhat, kitten? I'm listening."

"Ifwe can... try... to start a family..."

"Isthat your only condition?"


He sat down, making her yelp when she was forced to go with him, landing on his lap. The shirt that had covered her was tossed away, making her gasp and fall back into his chest once more when his handsmoved to play with her breasts.

"I'll give you all the children you want, dear goddess." Heracles kissed her throat, moving one hand to finish undressing her, then himself. The woman blushed when made her lay on the lounge chair, adjusting himself so that her hips straddled him. Hishand ghostedup her thigh, making her first shiver, then gasp, when his roughened thumb brushed her clit. His hand didn't stop though, and continued on up her hips and waist. The woman let out a slight whimper, making him give a lazysmirk. He surprised her when she suddenly felt hishardened length rubbing against her soakedcore, the head brushing against her clit with every move.

"He-Heracles!" she blushed, squirming against him. He chuckled, surprising her once more when he moved just enough to enter her with a simple roll ofhis hips. The woman moaned loudly, looking up at him through eyeshalf-parted in bliss. He leaned down to nuzzle at her breasts, covering them with light kisses before taking hold ofa nipple. He free hand came up to play with the other as he licked at sucked at it, even before he started to move.

With him using the sensitive buds against her, it didn't take long for her to tighten up around him. However, as soon as that happened he movedaway from her bust, turning to attack her neck instead. She shiveredas his hands lightly tickledher sides while he covered her neck with hickeys, but a loud moan ripped from her throat when his aim shifted and suddenly hit her G-spot.

"A-ah! Heracles!" the woman's back arched, and her arms foundtheir way around his neck.

"Yes kitten?" he breathed into her neck, abusing that sweet spot of hers with a pace that no one would expect from a man who seemedso lazy. "Something wrong?"

She couldn't answer through her moans, but when she froze, digging her nailsinto him, he knew what was happening. Not that it wasgoing to make him slow down. Heracles didn't let up, and pushed on until he had to tighten his grip on her as he startedto tense.


"Go ahead~!" she buriedher face in his hair, but he pulled back to trap her in a kiss. Theyboth moaned into it as their ends hit, her bodyshaking and shuddering beneath him as he emptied his load deep into her. Andwhen he pulled out she was surprised to look down and see it still leaking.

"Uhm... should I... take care of that...?"


"Time to rest then...?"

"Sure. Right here will be fine. And you can be my pillow for now..."



""Θεέ μου..."
Husband! Greece x Wife! Reader LEMON: Trying
Be happy this is up. I wrote this in fricken SCHOOL people. Yeah, seriously. But his much requested sexiness is worth it.

Greece belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz: Andyou belong to :iconsexygreeceplz:


Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Husband! Japan x Wife! Reader LEMON: Trying

Kiku let himself give a slight smile as he walked through his garden after returning from work. His dear wife, ________, had asked him earlier to meet her at their hot spring when he returned, so now he could only wonder why. As he approached the springs he wasn't at all surprised to see his wife already soaking in the water. She greeted him softly, giving a little wave.


"_________, why did you want me out here?" He was clearly confused, but undressed any way.

"I wanted to talk to you. This is a way to reward you if you answer correctly."

"Answer what correctry?" He slipped into the water and moved over to her. "Hm?"

She giggled, sinking lower in the water. "Kiku~ can we have a family~? Please~?"

"Eh?" He looked surprised. "A famiry?"

"Hai." She smiled. "Can we?"

"Hai of course." He cupped her cheek in his hand. "It sounds rike a wonderfur idea."

She giggled. "You know what that means Kiku~?"


The woman hugged him, making him blush fiercely when he felt her naked body press close against his. "We get to make love again!"

"_______!" He looked flustered. "W-werr… arright.”


“Hai, of course. It wourdn’t be right for me to get your hopes up and reave you rike this.” he leaned forward to rest his forehead against hers. “So I’rr do my best for you.”

“As long as it’s your BEST.” she giggled again, but her lips parted for another reason when she felt his hands slide down her bare sides. His touch was gentle as always as he pushed her against the rocks, pressing a light kiss to her lips. Her hands traced across his chest and stomach, making him shiver slightly before he deepened the kiss into a soft passion. her lips parted to him, not for the first time, as he pressed into her, reaching down to grab her thighs. She was lifted up, and wrapped her legs around him before she re-settled against the rocks, her hands coming to rest on his shoulders. Kiku carefully slipped his tongue into her mouth, enticing hers into a little dance, using the moment to distract her before he gave her a little surprise.

Having not noticed his little dilema, the woman was actually QUITE surprised when she felt his length brush against her entrance. At least, until she remembered how easily arroused he was (it was quite amusing actually) and calmed down. He smiled into the kiss as he slipped inside her, allowing her to break away. His gentle kisses moved along her jaw and down her neck until he reached her shoulder. When he felt her relax against his chest, he began to move, first just gentle thrusts, then slightly harder, deeper ones tha left a cute little blush on her face as she couldn’t help but moan.

“K-Ki-Kiku-k-kun~” she buried her flushed face in his shoulder, making him chuckle quietly. He gently kissed her earlobe, making her squeak and tense up against him. His mind flew back to the first he had discovered the sensitivity of her ears, back when they had first started dating, but he didn’t have time to think about that. Beginning to abuse that little sensitive spot of hers he could feel her start to shake and really tense up, clenching around him as she bit down on her lip. Kiku gently ran his hands down her sides once more as he felt his own end nearing ever faster thanks to hers.

“_______,” he couldn’t help but pant slightly, “Ret me see your face.”

The woman obliged quickly, pulling back to allow him his little wish. She was truly adorable: her face all pink from her excitement, her lovely ____ eyes glossy and unfocused, her soft pink lips parted by even softer moans until--

“K-Kiku!” her face went red, her arms flew around his neck as she hit her climax, twitching in his arms but arching her back only a second later --

“________!” he reached his end moments after hers, making his turn to blush as he felt her fill up around him. “Ah…”

She giggled quietly, letting him pull away. “No need for that kind of reaction.”

“Are you sure?”



“Ki~ku!!!! Hurry up! I can’t wait on this!!!!”

Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Husband! Cuba x Wife! Reader LEMON: Trying

Note: I couldn’t find a Human Name for Cuba so I’ve decided to use Carlos (one of the possibilities listed by Himaruya-san).


Carlos sighed as he moved his head to rest in his hand, glaring at the large mound of paperwork that kept him from going home any sooner than the next morning. He angrily picked his pen back up, aiming to get as much done as he could before it got any later than it already had.

Not that he would really have a chance though.

At the moment his pen touche dthe paper the door to his office opened, a lovely young woman walking in. Carlos dropped his pen and was at her side in a flash, picking her up by her waist to give her a joyous spin.

“_______! You should be at home eating by now!” he laughed, setting her down and watching her shut - and… lock?- his office door. “Why’re you here so late?”

“I couldn’t just leave my favorite guy sitting in his office all alone, now could I?” she smiled, pushing her _____ hair behind her ear and beginning to untie the front of her long coat. “Besides I needed to talk to you about something important.”

“And what would that be?” he returned to his chair, kicking his feet up on the desk and settling his gaze on her slender hands. She seemed to be having trouble with the simple little knot that held the coat to her waist…

“We~ll,” she clicked her tongue. “We’ve been together for a while now - and you’re obviously not going anywhere - so I figured it might as well be time to ask.”

“Ask what exactly? C’mon _______, you’re freaking me out over here.”

“Ask if you were ready to start a family with me?” she turned a pout on him. “I mean, really Carlos, we need to get started while we can, right?”

He felt his cheeks heat up, and covered his mouth as he scoffed. “I mean, well, you have a point there but… coming all the way here?”

He was getting flustered by the situation, mostly because he knew she had another reason for coming all the way to his office and he would’ve put money on it having something to do with that ‘frustrating’ little knot. And when his wife smirked, he knew his guess was spot on. Almost by some sort of miracle did that knot  finally come loose, making it rather easy for the woman to pull off the long coat. Carlos went wide-eyed as he looked at her then: strutting over to him in her sexy little heels, her lacy ligerie barely hiding those beautiful curves of her body from him. Actually, scratch that. The damned lace didn’t do anything to hide shit from him.

And he loved it.

“_-_______!” he gasped, but found himself unable to move as she sat on his still propped up legs. “Since when do you own that kind of stuff?!”

“I don’t actually. I just got it early.” she leaned forward, leaving her lips less than an inch from his. “But about that whole family thing, I think we should go ahead an get started.”

Her voice held a mysterious seduction in it that left him powerless to her will as she began to unbutton his shirt, leaning up enough for her to push it off his shoulders. But it left his hands trapped, and he could do nothing but watch as she unbuttoned his shorts, pulling them down just enough for his length to spring free. The man gasped when she gave smirk, leaning forward to tease his shaft with her lips. He couldn’t help but groan when she licked the head, dipping the tip of her tongue into the slit before taking him into her mouth. She sucked him for only a few moments, just long enough to make into a panting mess, before releasing him.

Carlos couldn’t help his grunt of disappointment, but that sound of his grew into yet another shocked gasp as she removed the lacey panties that had help toment him only a few minutes before. The woman moved to sit on his lap straddling him, and leaving him waiting in anticipation for what would happen next. She shifted herself just slightly, using that damned slender hand of hers to guide his length to her entrance. With a roll of her hips he was in her, surrounded by the warm wetness of her womanhood.

“Mm~ah.” she arched her back, panting for just a moment before she could look at him again. Her face was flushed from excitment, and Carlos has no choice but to let her do as she pleased, still trying to free his hands from his shirt. The woman smiled, leaning forward to kiss him for a moment before wrapping her arms around him. She was so close, there was no way he was going to lose that moment. Carlos nudged her head slightly, kissing her cheek and down her jaw, allowing her to move her head so he could get at her neck and shoulder. But when he grabbed her bra strap in his teeth, leaning back just enough to let it snap when he released it, she pulled back.

“Aw, Carlos, don’t tell me you want that off too?”

“Damn right I do!” he pouted. “C’mon _______~!”

“Hm… not yet.” she pushed her straps off her shoulders but still didn’t remove it, only shifting again before she  began to ride him. Carlos was made helpless once again by the pleasure that pulsed through him as she would bounce and grind against him, but he wasn’t about to give up. The woman gasped when he suddenly dropped his legs from his desk, kicking the papers off as he did, before he  sat up. In a flash she found herself on his desk, his clothes finally finding their way to the floor as he grabbed the clasp of her bra. He took barely a moment to get it off of her, and leaned down to reclaim her chest as he began to move inside of her. She gasped and moaned, trapped in his arms as he thrust deep inside of her, pushing her closer and closer to the edge of bliss as he teased her breasts with his tongue and lips. Hickeys covered her chest and neck before she finally hit that point, grabbing hold of his shoulders as she hit her climax. He followed soon after, filling her up before he pulled out. The woman gave a breathless smile as he grabbed his shirt, wrapping her up in it before carrying her to a little couch nearby.

"Get some rest _________."

"Haha, yeah."


"C-Carlos! Get the car!"
Husband! Cuba x Wife! Reader LEMON: Trying
I did my best so I hope you like it! (And also ignore the fact that this took forever to get up here. I've just had horrible writer's block with this series so I had to clear my head some.)

Also, I'm working on getting Greece's story fixed, so look out for that too.

Himaruya-san owns Cuba, but Cuba owns you, got it?

Opening: Husband! Hetalia x Wife! Reader: Trying
Tifa groaned as she fell to the ground, looking around at her friends as they fell before the evil God before them. The man laughed maniacally, watching his son attack the group. The earth serpent Jormund hissed, crushing them among his giant coils. His sister, Hel, didn't seem nearly as excited as she commanded her undead army, occasionally looking at her father as the skeletons rushed into Edge. Barret groaned, trying to aim at the green cloaked man shooting some kind of magic beams at them.

"Bow before your king mortals!"

Yuffie gave a joyful shout as lightning flashed, striking the ground in front of them. Cloud leapt from the rising smoke, his armor glinting in the light as he summoned his sword to his hand. Lightning and Vincent followed suite, their own weapons drawn. The last thing Tifa saw before she fell unconscious was Cloud, slicing through the snake's mid section to free them.


Cid cussed, glaring at the blonde, but readying his weapon as he noticed the snake seeming to begin healing itself.. “Yer late!”

“Hey I’m here aren’t I?” he turned to look over at Loki, narrowing his eyes. "Hey Light, I have an idea, but it might be a little dangerous.”

Lightning looked at him curious. “I’m listening.”

“Ragnarok ring any bells?”

“You mean, use Odin and Fenrir together?”

“Yup.” he smirked, “And hope they don’t fight each other.”

“And how exactly do you plan on getting this set up?”

“Leave that to me. You worry about Jormund.” the blonde looked over at Vincent, giving him a nod before walking forward. Loki paused to look at the newcomer, glaring despite the wicked smirk on his lips.

“Well, if it isn’t the wolf-rider? Tell me, has my son sent you to try and stop me?”

“I understand why he has, now that I see how wicked you are?”

Hel looked at her father, then at Cloud. “Fenrir?” despite her grotesque appearance, her voice was actually quite beautiful. “My brother? He has sided with you?”

“Yeah,” he heard Lightning shout, and Jormund hiss as he was finally able to straighten himself out again. “He doesn’t want to just be a weapon for this guy.”

“But he isss sssupposssed to be the one fated to desssstroy the Godssss.” Jormund slithered forward, leaving Cloud’s friends behind in confusion. “Father sssaid he would alwaysss ssside with usss!”

“Well Loki lied.” Cloud smirked as the God was clearly put on edge. “Fenrir doesn’t want anything to do with your plans Loki!”

The God growled. “Lies! This blonde MORTAL has no idea of what he speaks!”

“Fenrir sent me to stop you!”

“Your brother is confused, children, because of what Odin did to him! He has been brainwashed by the All-Father! When I become King, I can free his mind.”

“No, you’ll turn him, your own SON, into a weapon to destroy everything!”

Loki glared down at the blonde, aiming his now brightly glowing scepter at him. “Now, dear Cloud, who would believe a man that would turn his back on his friends so many times? Giving the Black Materia to Sephiroth, allowing him to kill Aerith, becoming the very reason your best friend Zack died, and then stealing away his true love?! Brainwashing YOURSELF into believing his life, was YOURS? My children, does that sound like a man you should trust?”

“I know I have sinned, left a wake of blood and tears behind me, but now, Loki,” Cloud returned the glare with a fiercer one of his own, as his eyes turned a ghostly yellow. “I am fighting to save the Planet, and all of my friends!”
Sorry guys, looks like my recent upload  from the "Trying" Series has been removed from dA because of "bodily fluids". So, I'm going to have to edit it and re-submit. Sorry, once again to all the Greece friends who wanted to read it.
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